The Company

How It Began

Mark Rigby & Associates Pty Ltd (MRA) was formed in 1997 to provide professional environmental protection and environmental health services to the private and public sectors.  The company’s Director and Principal, Mark Rigby has 31 years experience in environmental related areas, including a total of 16 years in local government the last 7 years of which he was managing Environment Protection for the Gold Coast City Council.

Mark has been certified (Cert. No E1858) by the Quality Society of Australasia as an Environmental Auditor for (Contaminated Land auditing, Facilities and Process auditing, Compliance auditing and Waste auditing).  He is also a member of the Australian Institute of Environmental Health, the Environment Institute of Australia, the Australian Society of Soil Science Inc., and Environment Business Australia. Mark is a registered Water Efficiency Auditor and can prepare and certify Water Efficiency Management Plans.

Further to his undergraduate qualification in Environmental Health, Mark Rigby is also an award winning management post-graduate of the University of Central Queensland and this combined with a Masters of Science (Environmental Management) provides a sound basis for the effective management of environmental projects.

What We Do

MRA employ a team of skilled environmental scientists and engineers with capacity to manage both small and large projects ranging from individual industrial sites to large quarries.

The business is divided into three sectors:

  1. Environmental Management – including carbon footprint assessments, EISs, EMPs, EMSs, Stormwater Quality Management Plans (including MUSIC water quality modelling), flammable and combustible liquid storage / dangerous goods management, environmental auditing, the preparation and certification of Water Efficiency Management Plans, Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis
  2. Environmental Quality – including air, odour, noise, soil, dust and water monitoring and assessments, vegetation & ecological assessments, acid sulfate soil assessments, AUSPLUME air dispersion modelling, Environmental Health
  3. Environmental Planning – including MCU development applications for environmentally relevant activities, operational works approvals for vegetation clearing, licensing of the storage of flammable and combustible liquid applications

MRA understands that the effective and efficient management of environmental issues is now recognised as good business practice for both private and public sector organisations.  Poor environmental performance can not only affect the bottom line of these organisations but corporate officers can now be held personally responsible for the environmental harm that their company may cause.

Specifically, MRA is well placed to assist companies understand their carbon emissions and can prepare carbon footprint assessments together with the development of carbon abatement strategies.

MRA provide the necessary support services so that organisations can be confident that their businesses meet required standards and that there are systems in place to control their environmental performance.  In this regard MRA can assist new and existing organisations where they may be experiencing difficulty in negotiating licence conditions or are being investigated by government agencies for potential breaches of the EP Act.  We can also assist with due diligence programs to ensure that all reasonable measures are being taken to prevent environmental harm.

The management of environmental projects is another component of the Company’s services.  MRA can assist if you have an existing or proposed project that, due to time constraints and/or the need for specialised input, cannot be managed effectively with existing resources. Project teams can be built through existing client staff, advisers and technical consultants, or can be developed from a range of engineering, scientific and consultation specialists who work in close association with MRA.

The company offers a personal approach to environmental problem solving and experience has shown that our ability to work seamlessly with the client to resolve issues makes for the very efficient and cost effective resolution to these problems.

MRA’s extensive experience in the field of Environmental Health adds another dimension to the company’s capabilities.  Many projects not only have the potential to cause impacts on the environment but also may impact on the health of the community.  As regulations controlling environmental impacts become more stringent, Environmental Health Assessment is becoming an important component in the assessment of impacts.  This is now especially so in relation to contaminated land.

During the past 11 years MRA has developed credibility with the Government  Agencies and Local Governments as an environmental consultancy firm based on excellence.

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